Different paths to take after high school


Lizzie Quinlan and Elizabeth Quinlan

After high school, many of the recent graduates take the next steps in beginning their futures. It is a bittersweet ending that marks the end of years spent with close pals and opens up doors with endless opportunities. At that time, almost everyone has heard the phrases “what are you doing with the rest of your life?” or “what are your plans to take the next step?”. That is where the options are endless. Many students choose the path of expanding their knowledge and learning opportunities by going off to college. While one might choose the option of earning their four year degree, another might choose to attend a community college. For those who choose not to further their schooling, there are many other paths to choose from. Some choose to find a job that suites them in a field of work that they find interesting, and others decide to take a gap year to decide what is the best path for them to take to make their future successful.

For those who choose to go into a work field that interests them, it is said that transitioning into a job is one of the best things to help prepare for adulthood. Finding a full time job that allows opportunities is an important step to making the next move after high school.

If college or a job is not suitable, traveling and exploring the world that surrounds us just might be the perfect fit. Exploring foreign places and traveling to foreign countries, or even exploring the places around us is a great way to expand our horizons and learn about the places that others call home. While deciding what option is right for the future can be tough, the options are endless.

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