Washington Park Lights

Sarah Smith , Feature Reporter

Christmas time and even just winter time is a special time of year for lots of people. One way Michigan City is showing their Christmas spirit is through Washington Park’s Festival of Lights. Washington Park sets up an estimated 5 million individual bulbs and over 50 displays, each year to help everyone get in the Christmas mood. The lights stay up all of December and into the first week of January. The festival started this year on Saturday, December 5. The light display is not the only thing the city does to help citizens get prepared for the holidays. On the opening night of  the festival there were several festivities for families to attend. These included a horse and buggy ride, a chili cook off, carolers, bonfire, carolers, hot chocolate and cookies, and to finish the night off they light the displays for the first time. Junior Katelyn Hansen said, “The lights are very extravagant and I loved every bit of the show.”

The festival of lights is an age old tradition for many families and is something they go to every year. Junior Madison Emerick, said “I really like going to see the lights, the snail is my favorite one because of all the different colors. I also really like the one with the bears and the ball as well.”

Not all of the lights are just fun and games however there are some with distinct meaning. Emerick said, “Last year I thought it was very thoughtful that  to honor the people of Michigan City who are in the military they put up a display that is in honor of the military.”  If you are ever bored on a cold winter’s a visit to the lights with a cup of hot chocolate is the perfect cure for any of the winter blues.




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