December Sickness

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

During the month of December, when students began going on winter break, pharmacists’ at CVS tallied up how many prescriptions they had to fill in the month of December alone for children under the age of sixteen years old and they reported having more than 1,500 prescriptions that were for colds and the flu.
The common signs of a cold usually include a runny nose, nonstop sneezing, and an uncontrollable cough. You really cannot miss the signs of a common cold, so why are so many children getting sick?
You miss it because it is a tiny, living this called a virus. There are over 200 different types that can lead to complete misery, but the most common type of cold is called the rhinovirus. Children can catch the virus by catching it from someone else, and this usually happens if they touch the surface of something that another person has touched and then touch their mouth or nose. Children can also catch the virus if someone who is sick sneezes into the air.
Let’s help get keep the virus out of our houses and keep our family and friends from being sick. Keep your hands clean, do not touch your mouth, and cough into your arm and not into the air!

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