Talent show to be SNL-esque

MCHS is taking a different direction when it comes to talent show themes.

MCHS is taking a different direction when it comes to talent show themes.

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

Members of MCHS’s International Thespian Society plan on making this year’s Talent Show similar to NBC’s sketch show, Saturday Night Live.

In the past, the talent show has always had a host. Last year, Thespian Society expanded on that idea by adding a theme, which was The Tonight Show. It was hosted by Sam Rohrman, who played himself. The club plans on doing the same thing this year, but changing the show to Saturday Night Live.

The show is to be hosted by senior, Thespina Dabagia, and she will be playing herself just as Rohrman did a year earlier. Dabagia will be a key part of the several live and digital sketches to take place between the actual Talent Show Acts. Some of these sketches include “Yearly Update,” a play on SNL’s Weekend Update, “Jeopardy,” and a sketch that involves putting the Disney princesses into a Bravo show such as “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” All of these sketches have been written by the ITS members themselves.

The show will start with a sketch, as the actual SNL does, and, after that, a video will play that puts the ITS and Drama Club actors into the intro video for SNL. Traditionally, the SNL theme song video takes place in New York, New York. To promote the city and take advantage of the newly-finished Uptown area, clips of the actors enjoying New York will be replaced with the MCHS actors enjoying their town, Michigan City.

Dates for auditions for different roles within the sketches will be announced at the beginning of the third quarter.



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