President Obama makes tearful speech to curb gun violence

Sage Santana, News Reporter

On the evening of January 5, 2016, President Obama spoke on his plan to not only curb gun violence in the United States, but became emotional as he pleaded for the end to the violence.

The somber tone was set as most of the audience in attendance were those who were victims or relatives and friends of victims of gun violence and mass shootings, and they were addressed in Obama’s speech.  Even a parent of one of the victims of the Sandy Hooke School shooting was present, and introduced the president.

President Obama took action on defining and clarifying the current laws on gun control, rather than expanding them.  Among these new clarifications include the point to better define who should be licensed to sell firearms, and furthering background checks for those purchasing them.

After proposing his plan, Obama continued to discuss his desire to stop the gun violence and mass shootings throughout the nation. It was at this point that the president began to become emotional, and the tears flowed from our nation’s leader, as he recalls the children killed in the Sandy Hooke shooting in 2014.

“First graders,” said Obama “Every time I think about it, it gets me mad.”

In addition to referencing Sandy Hooke, President Obama made mention to his own Chicago, which is riddled with gun violence.

“By the way,” said President Obama “it happens in Chicago every day.”

While the President makes his clarifications to the current gun control laws, he stood by all those affected by gun violence, and with them, called for an end to the madness.

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