Winter sports Johnson Road Rivalry update

Kristen Gushrowski, Sports Writer

As we head into the new year, winter sports and the Johnson Road Rivalry continue.

Currently, La Porte is leading the 2015-2016 sports season with eight wins, while City is trailing with only three wins. For the winter sports, the Slicers topped the Wolves in boys swimming and werestling, but City came out on top in girls swimming.

While City may be behind in score, the athletes are positive. To many City athletes, the newly-established Johnson Road Rivalry trophy has changed the rivlary between the two schools and changed the athletes.

“As an athlete, it definitely adds another aspect to the game,” said Noah Van Gameran. “It makes the rivalry more intense than it already has been. Everyone wants to contribute points toward the trophy.”

Megan Gushrowski has similar feelings towards the trophy and the friendly rivalry.

“Going against La Porte is already a big thing, but the trophy allows us athletes to feel like we contributed something,” said Gushrowski. “Everyone wants their sport to be a part of the wins.”

Caleb Raymer believes the trophy provides a sense of pride and provides evidence.

“Instead of a team just saying, ‘Yeah, we are better,’ we have a trophy to prove who is better,” said Raymer.

A few winter sports have yet to face the Slicers in regular season competition. Girls basketball and boys basketball travel to La Porte this month, while the La Porte gymnastics team comes to the Wolves Den for a competition. There is also the spring sports season as well, so the Wolves still have a chance to pull past the Slicers and bring the trophy back to Michigan City.

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