The Comfortable Truth

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

If students were to create a list of adjectives to describe school, comfortable, would not be one of them. According to a myth that still persists today, schools are supposed to be uncomfortable because it creates self-disciplined kids.
Classroom after classroom, is filled with the same rows of hard and back aching chairs that symbolize a strict and serious mood. However, in the 1900’s a movement arose to humanize and personalize education.
A research about environmental design shows the positive effect comfort can have on learning and human productivity. The most basic comfort is soft seating and there is no justification for the hard chairs that students have to sit in for several hours each day.
“I think having more comfy chairs at school would create a more comfortable learning environment for students. Also when students try to sit down, they become restless and exhausted,” stated Senior, Paige Jen.
Not only are hard structured chairs not comfortable to sit in, they are also causing long-term harm caused by a backward-sloping angle. These chairs lead to students slouching, hunching, and have poor posture, which can increase the risk of back pain that can continue into adulthood.
Around a fifth of students have back pain and three students per class size will see a doctor before they are sixteen years old complaining of a back condition.
“I find that I can learn best in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Also the chairs are not very ergonomic so I feel inclined to put my head down on my desk and fall asleep,” explained Junior Aaron Schwark.
Investing in more comfortable and relaxing chairs is a marvelous way to promote students to get a better education and get their class work done in school opposed to students wanting to put their head down and fall asleep due to their aching backs.

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