Supreme Court decides to consider Obama immigration plan

Sage Santana, News Reporter

The Supreme Court decided recently to consider the immigration plan originally proposed by Obama.

President Obama originally proposed a plan on immigration which would ultimately guard over 4 million illegal immigrants from deportation, however, this action was originally barred from taking place by smaller courts. The Supreme Court has decided to take Obama’s bid into consideration.  If this plan is ruled in the favor of the Supreme Court, then Obama will begin putting the plan into action within the final few months of his time in office.  However, if the plan is not ruled in the favor of the court, then the plan could potentially be put on hold for years to come.

The plan itself would ultimately allow for immigrants with children who were born in the U.S. or who are currently lawful citizens to remain in the country. Additionally, it would allow for immigrants who were brought to the U.S. under the age of 16 who meet the requirements of education and military to remain as well.

The plan, originally was denied by lower courts after over 25 states, including Texas, on the grounds that it would be too costly to allot the legal documentation and licenses to those who would become citizens. However, the opposing argument on the grounds of national finances is that it would conversely be too costly to deport the millions of illegal immigrants who do remain here in the country.

The Supreme Court will be taking the plan into hearing, and the nation now can only await the response.

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