Students practice independence to prepare for college

Sage Santana, News Reporter

A recent study from the Jordan Porco Foundation shows that 60 percent of college freshmen feel that they were adequately prepared for college in almost every way, except emotionally. Half of the students polled felt that they could not handle the stress, intensity, or overwhelming workload of college. The college freshmen expressed their concerns over the trouble managing their time in college, and concluded that the lack of time management had a hand in adding stress to their lives.

In light of this study, high school juniors and seniors should be proactive in preparing themselves for college emotionally.  The best way to do this is through more independent activity. By implementing more independence now, students will be more prepared to be fully independent later in life.  Students should take on more personal responsibility in the years leading up to their freshmen year in college to help prepare them in budgeting their time, and taking on more responsibilities than they are accustomed to. Some responsibilities that upperclassmen are encouraged to take on to help prepare them for college include doing their own laundry, banking, or scheduling their own appointments.  Although these things seem trivial, they are small responsibilities that will have to be taken care of in college once the student is on their own.  If even one of these responsibilities can be mastered in high school, they can greatly alleviate the stress of college later.  Among all else, it is important to understand what is necessary to succeed after high school, and to prepare for it in the best way possible.


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