Falling to the rivals


The City cheerleaders support the boys basketball team on the sidelines during the game against La Porte Friday night.

Kristen Gushrowski, Sports Writer

The City boys basketball team lost to rival La Porte Friday night at La Porte High School.

City started with the ball at tip off, but a missed basket put the ball in La Porte’s hands. After two Slicer three-pointers, City called a time out with only three minutes into the game. After the time out, the Wolves made their way on the scoreboard but were still down 6-2.

From there, the ball traveled up and down the court. The Wolves would make a shot, then the Slicers would take the ball down to the other end of the court and score. This back-and-forth routine combined with three-pointers made by La Porte made it difficult for the Wolves to close the gap and catch up to the Slicers.

City made several attempts at three-pointers, but each shot was unsuccessful, and La Porte was there for the rebound each time. Towards the end of the quarter, however, City made a three-point shot to close out the first quarter at 18-15 La Porte.

La Porte started the second quarter with several three pointers, but fouls put the Wolves at the free throw lines. The free shots put City within three of the Slicers, 21-18. With one minute left in the first half, City called a time out. The Wolves were down at halftime, 33-26.

Halfway through the third quarter, the Slicers were still beating the Wolves by nine points. There were large gaps in points throughout the entire half, seven points or more. City’s fouls put La Porte at the free throw line several times, and the Slicers took the opportunity to increase their lead. At the end of the third quarter, the Slicers had a 13-point lead over the Wolves.

Fouls made by City continued into the fourth quarter, and La Porte failed to miss a free throw. However, La Porte made some fouls of their own, and City was able to pull within nine points, and then eventually seven. More fouls made by La Porte gave City more visits at the free throw line, but missed shots throughout the rest of the quarter made it difficult for City to even tie the scoreboard.

City lost the game 67-59. La Porte’s win gave the Slicer’s another point for the Johnson Road Rivalry trophy. The Slicer’s have the lead in the tallies for the trophy, 10-3.

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