Runaway seal finds refuge in shrubery

Ryan Solano, Feature

Californian park goers were shocked Wednesday to find a baby northern fur seal in the bushes.

At 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, the San Francisco police department received a strange call regarding an injured, infant seal abandoned at a local business park. Initially they thought the caller was mistaking the aquatic animal for a possum or maybe even some bizarre, misshapen cat.

Upon investigation, the Police did find a dehydrated, malnourished seal pup taking refuge in some of the park’s greenery.

Since the animal was properly tagged, the law enforcement had no problem tracking down the seal’s caretakers at the Marine Mammal Center. The mammal center specializes in rescuing injured marine life and nourishing them back to health. In 2015, these volunteers saved a record number of seals, exceeding more than three times the average number set by similar organizations.

The center’s spokeswoman, Laura Sherr, was able to identify the escaped patient as Pipester, a recovering northern fur seal they had rescued only last November from Moss Landing Harbor. According to Sherr, this is not the first time Pipester has attempted a daring escape. This occurrence happens to be Pipester’s second breakout and hopefully his last.

Thankfully, Pipester was not injured during his little adventure. To get to the business park, Pipester not only had to climb out of the water but he also had to cross the busy Interstate 880.

Now that the young seal is back in containment, the Marine Mammal Center plans to nourish him back to good health and put him back into the wild. That is if he doesn’t escape again.

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