Fitbit heart break

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

Fitbits have become the first “next big thing.” While the watch like device is generally used to track a person’s heart rate after exercising, this time it caught something else.

A Fitbit can constantly track a person’s steps, heart rate, and burned calories — but in the process, it can also capture life events, like a heartbreak, as one Israeli man recently learned.

Koby Soto, a 28 year old living in Tel Aviv, found out the hard way that his Fitbit could also track a heartbreak.

Soto received a phone call from his boyfriend one evening, and got the news that no one in a relationship wants to hear: he was breaking up with Soto.

After hearing this news, Soto felt completely empty and decided that he should go look at his Fitbit record.

To Soto’s surprise, his computer reveled a time when his heart rate spiked drastically; the exact moment when his boyfriend broke it off with him.

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