Mark makes her mark at MCHS


The ball pit in the sensory room. Photo Credits: Ryan Solano

Sage Santana, News Reporter

In October of 2015, the Robotics Team of Michigan City High School, guided by Senior Guendolen Mark, created a sensory room geared specifically for students with special needs, and now that a few months have passed, the students who utilize the classroom have found that the room provides a unique and comforting experience for all the students who walk in its doors.
A sensory room is defined as a room with things within it that are intended to be used to calm or relax those who use the room. Here at MCHS, the sensory room is filled with comfortable chairs, soft objects, a ball pit, all of which provide a comfortable and fun setting for the students who utilize it. This room was designed to be calming and welcoming for all those who visit it, and in the past few months, that is exactly what it has provided.
The sensory room was created by the Robotics Team here at MCHS, who put in over 80 hours of the time to plan and create the room. The project, which was headed by Senior Guendolen Mark, was an initiative by Mark to earn her Gold Award in Girls Scouts. Since then, Guendolen has been awarded the honor, and is now in the highest ranking of Girl Scouts that exists. Mark was inspired to lead the project when she was assigned to look into the project on behalf of the Robotics Team. After visiting Michiana Resources, Mark decided that she wanted to head the project to build the sensory room at MCHS, and to incorporate it into her Girl Scouts career.
The Gold Award is the highest award that a scout can earn. The Gold Award is the highest award a girl can get, and is one that assists the community in one way or another, and makes a lasting impact. Guendolen Mark was honored to be able to work on the project, and to know that what she did would have a lasting impact on the community and the people in it.
“The great thing about the sensory room,” said Mark “is that it is essential to the students that use it. The use of the sensory room is therapeutic. It allows for the student to have a break. School can be a high stress environment for anyone, and so for these student to have the opportunity to take a break from that high stress environment is so important.”
One of the requirements to receive the Gold Award is for the project to be one that makes a lasting impact in the community. After all the hard work done on part of Guendolen Mark and the Robotics Team, students are able to use have a place of peace and retreat, and the Guendolen Mark has made her lasting impact on the community.

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