Barbie gets in shape: new, more realistic dolls on the market

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Mattel, creator of the Barbie dolls, announced this week that they would be releasing a line of Barbie dolls that would have more realistic characteristics, including different body, hair, and skin types.

Mattel has come under fire for years for producing a doll with unproportional looks, and unattainable standards. However, Mattel has been working on improving Barbie for the past two years, in an effort to make the doll more realistic, and marketable to young girls.  The dolls are made to be a better vision of what the girls who play  with them see in their everyday lives.

The dolls  will range in shapes, sizes, and colors, including petite, tall, curvy, and athletic. However, the dolls are not just getting an update to be more relatable to the young girls who buy them, but also to stay relevant in the market, as Barbie sales have been plummeting within the past few years. In an effort to stay relevant, Barbie has also tried to make the doll to focus on less on her body image, and more on ambitious objectives such as careers.

Although students at Michigan City High School are a bit too old for dolls, students can still appreciate the changes that Mattel has made to the Barbie dolls.

Junior Nikki Pomeroy shared her thoughts on Mattel’s new changes.

“I think that it is a great thing that Barbie dolls are more realistic.  It makes the dolls more relatable and realistic to the girls who play with them.”

The dolls will be available on March 1st of this year.

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