College and Career Ready

Sarah Smith , Feature Editor

Michigan City High School has some wonderful opportunities for their students to take advantage of. Between different class options and after school activities there are plenty to keep students involved and on the right track. With course selection coming up for the 2016/2017 school year, students may be getting a little confused with their options.
There are many routes available to students to help prepare them for their futures. The high school provides a class course that caters to just about everyone. Students have the opportunity to enroll in Early College courses, which allow students to earn both high school and college credits.
The early college program caters to 125 students per year and is partnered with Purdue North Central and Ivy Tech. Through this, program students can have the opportunity to earn up to sixty college credit hours. Students in this program have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and a college associate’s degree.
Another option students have is to take dual credit classes and advance placement classes. Occasionally there is confusion about the dual credit and advance placement classes and which one a student should take. Dual credit classes are classes that are administered through Purdue North Central and with successful completion of the course, college credit is given. Students pay a small fee of $25 per credit, which is significantly cheaper than the cost of the same classes at a college or university. A three credit class, such as Finite, will cost an MCHS student $75 when taken at the high school, but that same class will cost $900 if the class is taken on campus at Purdue or Indiana University.
Dual credits are transferrable to most colleges and universities, but may not be accepted at all schools. Currently, all public universities and colleges in Indiana are required to accept any dual credits obtained while attending an Indiana high school. Advance placement (AP) classes are more widely known and the approach is different. At the end of the year, students sit for AP tests, which are scored 1-5. College credit can be given for scores of 3, 4 or 5—depending on the college.
There is a small fee for taking AP tests. Sometimes, MCHS covers the cost of the test. Another course of action is to attend the AK Smith Center. The AK Smith Center is a wonderful opportunity for many students throughout LaPorte County including: Lacrosse High School, LaPorte High School, Marquette High School, Michigan City High School, New Prairie High School, South Central High School, and Westville High School. There are many programs available to juniors and seniors to provide them with vocational training, also known as career clusters.
Some of the programs are Construction Technology, Welding, Energy Academy, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts and Project Lead the Way’s Engineering. Michigan City High School has so many opportunities for their students and is the administration is continually striving to provide incredible ways for students to be college and career ready, and able to get ahead and succeed in life. The first step? Students need to identify where their interests lie and then select classes that will help them achieve their goals.

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