Adnan Syed from podcast ‘Serial’ to have a hearing to retire case

Sage Santana, News Reporter

In Boston, a case will continue today that calls into the court whether or not Adnan Syed deserves another day in court  for his convicted murder. Syed, from the podcast Serial, gained nationwide attention after the Podcast aired, highlighting the questionable trial of Syed.

Syed was convicted and sentenced for the strangulation of his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 2000, after her murder in 1999.  Syed’s attorney C. Justice Brown claims that his trial lawyer Cristina Gutierrez, who would go on later to be disbarred, did not contact an alibi in the case. The reopened case would include investigation in some key pieces of evidence, and the calling to the stand a key alibi, Asia McClain,  whose testimony could greatly affect the case.  One of the major concerns, however, of this case is the time frame.  Due to the fact that the crime itself took place over 16 years ago, there is the problem of recalling the facts accurately.  Although in the reopened case, the alibi will be in court, the question is whether or not her testimony will prove relevant or accurate enough to uphold any use in the case. The Baltimore judge, Judge Martin Welch, has agreed to preside over the three-day hearing to decide whether or not to retire Adnan’s case. If the case is found to be worthy of re-examination, then Syed may have the opportunity to gain his freedom from his life sentence, of which he has already served for sixteen years in prison. The case proceedings will continue to tomorrow, February 5.


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