Rumors about Manning to the L.A. Rams circulate

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

Super Bowl 50 is only days away, and the main topics of discussion right now are not about the big game, but about Peyton Manning.

Although it has been discussed that this will be Peyton’s last game, the St. Louis Rams (who will be in L.A. during the 2016 season), have expressed interest in the legendary quarterback.

The Rams have not had much success in recent years, so a fresh start-up in L.A. along with a star quarterback could help the team’s image. This could help them attract free agents in the offseason and potentially bring a brand new atmosphere to the team.

With Peyton Manning, the fans of L.A. would be even more attracted to attending the football games because of his start status. Also, Todd Gurley’s powerful emergence into the league could attract a larger fan base to the Rams’ games.

However, Peyton moving to L.A. to play for the Rams is not likely in the eyes of many experts. For example, after the AFC Championship game between the Broncos and New England Patriots, Manning told Patriots head coach Bill Belichik that “this might be my last rodeo.”

Manning had a less than spectacular 2015-16 season, but the Broncos defense pushed the team into the playoffs. Peyton was also replaced by Brock Osweiler after an injury during the season, and once he was cleared to play, was still on the bench behind him.

However, after an Osweiler injury, Peyton came in and proved why he deserved the starting role, and has been the starter ever since.

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