Technology makes its way into MCHS classrooms

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

Twelve years ago, the first smartphone was invented. At the time, a phone with the technology that could access internet, send texts, and open emails was revolutionary. Now, students not only at Michigan City High School, but nationwide, use this revolutionary technology in the classroom. By accessing Google apps such as Classroom and Docs, emailing teachers, and turning in assignments right to a teacher’s computer, using technology in school has never been more effective or efficient.
Though the use of technology mixing with education used to be frowned upon, times are changing as classrooms become more high tech for the better.

Ever since wireless internet connection came to kids phones, today’s generation has relied heavily on their iPhones, Androids, and any other smartphones. Whether it be for texting, social media, news, or anything else that can be accessed by the tap of a screen, there is no doubt about it, kids today revolve around technology.

Now, through the help of teachers, kids are using this technology to their advantage in school on a daily basis. English 10 and Speech teacher, Mrs. Sisk talks about how her class uses technology to their advantage. “I use technology all the time in class. We use Google Classroom extensively in Speech (not as much in English class) to turn in assignments and organize the information that is given in class. The kids also use their phones by downloading the Google Classroom app and the Google suite. They can then do their assignments on their phones and get notifications from me that tell them every time I post something or the have an assignment due. I am lucky that I am in a classroom that has computers for the students to use. Without that, I wouldn’t be able to do much of what I do on a daily basis.”

However, there are more reasons than those to be using technology everyday in class. According to Sara Nielsen, director of digital engagement and professional learning for the New York City Department of Education, “To thrive in a digital world, students need to learn how to sort through unlimited information sources. Using technology, students are still learning to think for themselves and along with others, but they’re also learning in ways they couldn’t before.” Through technology, especially in Michigan City Area Schools, students are learning at a faster pace and being prepared for life after graduation, which will rely on the use of technology even more than it does today.

Like Ms. Sisk and Ms. Nielsen, Ms Dimke., English 10 teacher at City says, “Technology offers an array of student resources online that students can immediately access during class.” Through the use of apps like Google Classroom and Google Docs, students are notified as soon as an assignment, announcement, or link to a website for class is posted.
Lastly, students use technology in a way they are most comfortable with–for fun. Many classes, like the German classes of Herr Ruth, use MCHS’s traveling chromebooks to participate in review games. That way, kids do not get bored by going over review sheets and pages of notes to prepare for tests.

Just over a decade ago, no one thought the invention of a smartphone was possible.Yet now, kids in school are using technology more advanced than the rocket that first took man to the moon. Better yet, technology that students at City, and around the world, are using is preparing kids for the future through communicating with teachers, to access documents immediately, and reviewing for tests.

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