Cam not given a break

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

After last night’s Super Bowl loss to the Denver Broncos, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were heartbroken. They had a  15-1 regular season record and for most people they thought the Panthers were the favorites. But being the favorite does not mean you are going to win. And this is exactly what happened to the Carolina Panthers. They lost the Super Bowl and it was not very close. It was 24-10.

The thing that really put the Broncos ahead of the Panthers was their defense. The Panthers were not able to penetrate the defense and this really frustrated Cam Newton. This was his comeback after rehabilitation from a car accident back in 2014. This put a screeching halt to his season last year and then he came back and made history. If you look at it from this position you are able to sympathize with him and understand the reasons why he was mad after the game at the press conference. He had put a year and a half of rehabilitation and hard work and was so close to finally getting to the top of the mountain. Then Peyton Manning came and completely pulled the rug from under his feet and took the championship away from Cam Newton.

Cam Newton was given unfair criticism by the press when they were mad that he left the press conference. Cam will be back though. He will soon be back again and will be getting to the Super Bowl again. But next time he will win.


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