Girls’ bowling proves spot in conference

p/c: The News Dispatch

p/c: The News Dispatch

Michael Hebb, Sports Editor

The Michigan City girls’ bowling team has flown under the radar this season due to improvements in all aspects of the girls’ games.

Coach Jerry Keppen is in his first season as coach, and he has helped the girls improve consistently over the course of the season. He said, “Our main focus most of this season has been spare shooting. Keeping focus on spares is a must in the ladies side of the conference, so every practice we work on that.”

Keppen believes that quality practice is the most important thing to help improve as a bowler. “Coming into the season we gave away a lot of free pins. I think the constant practice has definitely made them better,” he said.

However, he also believes that there is more room for improvement. He said, “We’re showing improvements in our spare shooting, but there are always going to be more places we can improve.”

The girls are a very inexperienced team overall, with five sophomores, two freshman, and even an eighth grader (middle school bowlers can only bowl on JV).

Megan Grams, a freshman, was put in the anchor spot at the beginning of the season, and so far she has dealt with it to the best of her ability. She said, “There is a lot of pressure on me being the anchor of the team, but I’m comfortable with it because I know I have a wonderful team. Being anchor gives me more confidence.”

Keppen has been very impressed with how the girls have conducted themselves so far this season. He said, “I’ve been very impressed this year in how not a single one of them sees their inexperience as a challenge or obstacle. Nobody has used it as an excuse.”

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