Surgery gone wrong

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

A Tennessee family, delivered a healthy baby boy named Nate. Shortly after his birth, his mother thought he was going to get a routine checkup and when he later returned, his mother Jennifer broke down crying.
They mistook him for another new born child that was suppose to get a procedure done called a Frenulectomy, which is the cutting the flap of skin located under a child’s tongue. Nate was suppose to leave the hospital, since nothing was wrong with him but instead the doctor did the surgery on the wrong child.
Nate’s mother is in disbelief that her son was a healthy baby who was suppose to go home but instead he had a surgery he was not suppose to have.
The doctor apologized and admitted to making a mistake. Jennifer is worried that later on in her son’s life that he will have speech or eating problems.

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