Junior Year Blues


Sarah Smith , Feature Editor

People often say that Junior year is a tough one. A time where students really have to get their act together and start thinking about their futures. All of this is true and it is a time for students to start recognizing the fact that they are no longer children. However are students putting a little too much emphasis on the year that some say can make or break you for colleges?

It can be said that Junior year is full of stress and I would agree with that one hundred percent. Junior year is the beginning of dual credit and advanced placement courses and that can be scary. It is mind boggling scary, considering students can start college courses, while still in high school. This is also the time that many students start driving and start spreading their wings a little bit in the real world. By getting jobs, making some mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. All of this is part of the process of growing up.

By adding these extra responsibilities and extra freedoms it can also make school more stressful. Students find themselves having less time to complete their school work, especially if participating in sports. I find it easiest to try and balance my time as much as possible. By completing my homework as soon as I get home from practice. Or starting my homework any time I have downtime in another one of my classes. It certainly helps when it comes to those late night studying times when all I want to do is sleep.

Junior year can be filled with a lot of stress and anxiety. However if you attack the workload the right way you can elevate a lot of the unnecessary stress. So just try and get your work finished as efficiently as possible.

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