Carol Burnett wins SAG Life Achievement award

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

At the 22nd annual SAG Awards on January 30, 2016, SAG AFTRA presented their Life Achievement award to Carol Burnett.

The award was presented by comedians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who have both been long-time Carol Burnett fans. In fact, in Poehler’s book Yes Please,  Poehler mentions that Burnett was one of the reasons why she got into comedy in the first place.  Poehler and Fey’s presentation mentioned in their speech that Burnett is a feminist icon. Before her, there were not any variety shows on television that starred a woman. Fey said that it was important for them to see that Burnett was the boss of her television show, and that caused them to not only be the actresses that they are today, but to lead their own productions. The two also mentioned that comedy is much harder than drama due to the fact that it is done “much faster, and sometimes with a chimp.”

After their presentation, SAG showed some clips of Burnett’s most memorable work. For example, they showed several clips from her hit variety show, The Carol Burnett Show. These clips included her Gone with the Wind sketch that featured her wearing a dress made out of a curtain rod, and her The Family sketch that starred both her and Vicki Lawrence.

Burnett then approached the stage with help from actor, Steve Carell. She began her acceptance speech by thanking Poehler and Fey by mentioning that they are “the whole ball of wax.” Her speech consisted of some anecdotes from when she was very young and just gaining interest in the performing arts, and it ended with her trademark tug-of-the-ear for her late grandmother.

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