Indiapolis family rode with Uber driver killer

Sage Santana, News Reporter

As details are released chronicling the Uber murders, in which a driver for the company opened fire on random, unsuspecting victims, a family from Indianapolis rode in the car with the killer a short time after he first opened fire.

One of the members of the family, who identified himself as Derek, said that the family just had dinner and was warned that there was a killer on the loose.  The were originally going to walk back to their hotel, but then decided to take an Uber cab. A driver named “Jason” agreed to pick them up.

The family got into the car with the killer, Jason Dalton, only a short time after he had killed his last victim, and then the father jokingly asked if he was the killer or not.  The driver replied that he was not a killer, rather, that he was just very tired.  They continued the conversation with the driver and described that there was nothing out of the ordinary during the drive, and that the conversation was very normal. Yet it was no less than 20 minutes later that Dalton would be arrested for the murder of at least six people.

It was not until the family got back to their hotel and turned on the television, to see their Uber cab driver on the television as the suspected killer.  The family did not notice any smell of gunpowder or weapons in the vehicle, and consider themselves very lucky to have made it out of the car alive.


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