Mass standings of whales

Megan Lynn Mullins , Feature Writer

A mass stranding is when a group of whales or dolphins are stranded on beaches in large groups. But the exact reason for the sudden increases of these situations are still a mystery. Some mass stranding’s are easy to solve though, the parties involved in the situation are sick or injured. In cases such as these the whales are pushed ashore by strong currents as they slowly die, situations in which they grow even more ill the whales throw themselves on shore because they become too sick to swim.

There are many natural causes such as harmful algal blooms, epizootics and morbillivirus which are all diseases that are common among the animal kingdom and are common culprits. But accidents also happen such as naval exercises such as high-powered sonars which causes the dolphins and whales to become confused or injure themselves and others as they try to flee.

Environmental factors can also cause the mammals to behave differently, such as low food stocks, drastically changing temperatures or pollutants in the waters.

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