Colorado Buffaloes full back in theater shooting

Sean Callaghan, Sports Reporter

Colorado Buffaloes Jordan Murphy was in the Colorado theater showing “The Dark Knight Rises” when shooter James Holmes, dressed in a movie-themed costume and wearing tactical gear, took many innocent lives. Over 70 people were injured in the tragic shooting. This is what he had to say about the event:

“[Holmes] comes in to the right, my front right — we were in the fourth row. I can see his weapons. I can see him pretty clearly. He’s dressed up like Bane, you know, the character in the movie, so you’re thinking, ‘Oh, it’s opening night, this is some cool stunt to get people going.’ But then he launches the tear gas and right then I knew it was real. ….

We ducked down, we waited a few seconds. I heard his gun click that he was out of ammunition, so we crawled as fast as we could and then stood up at the end of the row to run. I think I attracted his attention because he turned his head to me, took a shot. Don’t know if it was a shotgun or his AR-15, but the bullet hit right over my head, drywall exploded, sprayed on my face, the dust went in my eyes. At that point I’m thinking I’m not getting out, but I’m running along the way, we were getting ready to turn the corner and the bullet just smashed the drywall. They always said the reason I couldn’t play Division I as a linebacker was because I wasn’t 6-2. I’m 6 feet. If I was 6-2, I’d probably be dead because that bullet is in my head.”

Murphy’s quote about his height, and how if he were any taller he wouldn’t be alive today, was specifically intriguing.

While Murphy failed to record a carry for the Buffaloes during college, he feels he can provide great value to an NFL team on special teams or any other personnel grouping a professional team sees fit for him.


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