Tebow makes his mark off the field

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

Former NFL football player Tim Tebow may never play professional football again, but he still makes a huge impact off the field.

Tebow and his foundation put on a worldwide prom, which they called “A Night to Shine.” The purpose of the event was to give over 32,000 people 16 and over with special needs an amazing prom experience. Over 70,000 volunteers helped out in the process as well.

The 70,000 volunteers were spread out over 48 states and seven countries. There were also over 200 churches that helped out in the process.

Tim Tebow may not have been a big star in the NFL, but on this night, he may have been even more than that to all of those who attended. Kids all across the country were able to hang out with their friends, other peers, and those who shared the same experiences. Many of the young adults were given a genuinely great time.

One special needs girl, when asked what she would say to Tim Tebow if she could say anything, replied, “I’d say, ‘Thank you, Tim, for sponsoring the dance, and for appreciating everybody that has disabilities.’”

For many who were in attendance, they felt it was heartwarming to watch all of those with special needs to have such a fun time and just dance the night away. The Tim Tebow Foundation was able to turn this night into possibly one of the best in the eyes of many.

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