Science Olympiad team to compete at regionals

Ryan Solano, Feature

Michigan City High School’s Science Olympiad team is preparing to compete at the Regional Tournament on February 27th. The yearly occurrence will take place at the Indiana University Northwest campus in Gary, Indiana.

Science Olympiad is an academic based club where students interested in science come together and compete. Students work in teams of two and prepare themselves for individual events held at their Regional Tournaments. Events vary but ultimately fall into two categories. There are building events, which require teams to construct specific devices before hand, and knowledge based events, which teams study for then are tested on the day of the tournament.

The building events range from the big to the small. Some events may only need a rubber band powered airplane, while others require a completely homemade timer capable of calculating time accurately.

Knowledge based events test teams on their understanding of key concepts within the scientific world. Topics that the Olympiads may be tested on include anything from astronomy, to forensics, and even fossils.

If the MCHS Olympiads outperform other teams at Regional, they have a chance at making it to the State Tournament in Bloomington.

This year’s team consists of 16 devoted students all hoping to bring home the gold.

This year also marks the final year for which the Science Olympiad coach, Robert Gray, will be sponsoring the team. After a long career at Michigan City High School, Mr. Gray is packing up his teaching supplies and retiring.

His Science Olympiad team greatly appreciates all of the hard work and inspiration he has given over the years.

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