Snow Days

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

For MCAS kids, not having school is rare; even when the weather gets bad. Up until this week, there had only been two hour delays given.

On Wednesday, February 24, a blizzard warning was issued and almost every school in the area was closed for the day. Michigan City was not though.

Students continued to peer out classroom windows to see how bad the snow had gotten and continued to wonder if they would get an early dismissal. Many students were cynical that this would happen though based on other occurrences with the weather.

It seemed liked the number of students actually at school that day was much lower than normal and throughout the day many students were getting early dismissals to try and beat the storm. By forth hour it was official on the MCAS website that there would be an early dismissal for the middle schools and high school at 12:30 and 1:35 for the elementary schools.

As students walked out of school that afternoon the snow was already coming down pretty hard and did not stop until early Thursday morning after school was cancelled for the whole day. On Friday morning there was a two hour delay as well to make sure that roads were clear enough to get to kids to school safely. At the end of the year the students will have to make the canceled day up but because the early dismissal was not until after noon, it will not be made up.

Junior Jessica Hixon said, “It can be kind of frustrating driving to school on days when the weather is bad because not all the roads get plowed  on time and it becomes more dangerous for students drivers because not all of us are as used to driving in it than adults may be.”

Many students feel the same way and hope that the weather gets better soon or that the administration will take these things into account when deciding whether or not to give delays.

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