Mongolian Alxa Banner

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

Recently an Alxa Banner was donated to Michigan City High School from the Alashan Province by Jeff Craig(son of MCHS teacher, Joseph Craig). The new banner is visable to students, teachers, and other staff members in the high school library.
Jeff graduated from Portage High School and then ventured to Depaul. He then went to grad school at John Hopkins International Studies program. John Hopkins was one of Jeff’s top two choices.
After that, he traveled around the world to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China for a year.
While he was traveling the world he was also studying anthropology. He would research each cultures environment and animals to see how they would differ from one another.
Also he got to broaden his languages to English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Even though his native language is English, Chinese is what he usually texts in and is best at speaking.
When Jeff was living in China, he played football and basketball and when he went to DePaaul he played tennis and track.
As well as broadening his languages and learning new cultures, he also wants to learn different sports and games that each country plays for fun and enjoyment.
While he was in Mongolia he got this banner and decided to donate it to our school since we are represented by the wolf.
“The wolf flag represents the Mongolian culture as a symbol of strength, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Wolves maintain balance for the Mongolian worldview as the median between the heavens and the Earth. The wolf is also said to be the genesis of the Mongolian people and father of Genghis Khan,” said Jeff.
Jeff plans on traveling back to China and plans on going to other places around the world.
His goal is to meet new people and put himself in their shoes to see how the cultures are similar and different. He plans on trying new things while getting to have an experience most people would be intimidated to conquer themselves.

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