Funds for the Art Department


Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

One doesn’t have to take more than two steps into the high school to see the murals that MCHS students have been creating.

Earlier this year, the art department took on the challenge of bringing the walls at MCHS to life. Needless to say, the challenge was accepted. Months later, there are now breathtakingly beautiful paintings around every corner and in almost every hallway.

The murals range from a yin and yang tree that radiates the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson to Maya Angelou’s nostalgic face with the words, “Rise Up.” Not to be forgotten are also the the tree of photographs outside of the photography room, Shakespeare’s quote in the lower A Building, and all of the MCs that decorate the entire school.

Although all the people that come into MCHS are lucky enough to see these gallery worthy pieces of art for free, the supplies that help create them are not. Things such as paint and paint brushes can be rather expensive, which is why the art department is asking for monetary help.

Coming up, the art department is sponsoring a sweatpants day. In this day. Students can pay two dollars and be allowed to wear any sweat pants, as long as they do not have any holes or say inappropriate things.

The biggest thing to raise money however, is not a sweatpants day; it is another type of fundraiser. Art teacher Mrs. Cleveland has set up a GoFundMe account and is kindly asking for donations to help purchase more art supplies so that City’s art students can continue to showcase just how great that they are.

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