First ever uterus transplant performed in America

Megan Lynn Mullins , Feature Writer

The first ever uterus transplant performed in the United States took place at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. The hopes for this operation are to one day give women without a healthy uterus the hope to have a child of their own.

On Wednesday a surgical team at the Cleveland Clinic performed a nine hour operation on a 26 year old patient who doctors say is in a stable condition but that no other details on her identity or condition will be released at this time. The transplanted uterus came from a deceased organ donor.

The first ever successful uterus transplant was performed in Sweden. At least one of the patients was able to have a baby.Before the surgery the patient’s eggs are removed from the ovaries, fertilized and then frozen. If the transplant is successful the patient may have an embryo implanted. In order for the transplant to be a success the patient must recover for a year and continue to take pills to prevent her body from rejecting the foreign organ.

Yet the transplant is only temporary. After the patient has had one to two children the uterus is removed.This innovative procedure has the opportunity expand into something even greater and could one day help every woman that has uterus problems which is 3-5% of all women have children one day.

NBC news source Dr. Owen Davis, president of the American Society for Reproductive medicine said, “This procedure potentially offers another route to family building for women either born without uteri or those who have had to have their uterus removed”

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