Matt Olson’s unfortunate accident

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

20 year old Matt Olson was a hockey prodigy and was for sure headed to the NHL. Only a week ago this kid was a standout hockey star. But during a game against Iliana Blackbirds Matt Olson was paralyzed. He was skating at full speed and fell head first into the boards. According to most people in attendance along with the coaching staff knew right away that he was severely injured.

Matt Olson led his high school team in 2014 to a high school championship. Now he needs mechanical assistance just to breathe. This kid was at the top of the game and then everything came crashing down. The worst part is that he was conscious the entire time.

Matt is paralyzed from the shoulders down. He cannot speak, so the only way he is able to communicate is by blinking. Matt may never get to play hockey again but we miracles can happen and he may be one.

Assistant Coach Justin Maciuk said Olson brushed against an opponent just ahead of him about halfway into the first period and then lost his balance. The family’s CaringBridge report emphasized that Olson’s injury “was not the result of physical contact from any player.”

This accident was no-one’s fault. It was just an unfortunate event that happened and no-one  could help it in anyway. Matt Olson’s parents had raised 75,000 dollars on Here is Matt’s go fund me:

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