Supreme Court takes up abortion case in light of Scalia’s death

Sage Santana, News Reporter

The Supreme Court made the decision to take up one of the biggest abortion cases in decades. This particular case also is important because it is the biggest case the court has taken up since the death of the conservative Antonin Scalia, leaving the court with only eight judges.

The case taken up concerns the Texas law that puts two new requirements on abortion clinics. These requirements include to have a blinding up to the same standards as surgical centers, and to have doctors who operate with admission privileges to nearby  hospitals. These new requirements could mean the closing of over three-quarters of the state’s abortion clinics.

This case is being closely watched not only because of it’s topic, but also its circumstances. The Supreme Court ruling on the law could also affect around 12 other states with similar regulations on their clinics as well. In fact, since the case was taken up by the court, some of the other states have decided to put their hearings on hold. Additionally, this case is significant due to the lack of a ninth Supreme Court Judge.  With their only being eight judges, there is the chance of the case resulting in a tie.

The main questions that the court is asking is whether or not the states have such leeway to restrict abortion clinics, and whether or not the law actually makes abortions more safe.

It will only be with the passing of time to tell what the court will rule, now with one less justice on its bench.

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