Morning announcements room renovated


Organization is key to having a good broadcast

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

The morning announcements room was recently renovated to improve overall sound quality and ambiance by members of the Wolf Pack Broadcasting Network crew, Mr. Michael Livovich, and Mr. Charles Puetzer.

Since the beginning of this school year, areas of the building (especially the gym) have only heard fuzzy static instead of the actual morning announcements broadcast. The crew and their non-sponsors fixed this issue by renovating the room. For some reason, there system was inputting more power than it was outputting, so that cleared up the signal tremendously. Instead of the sound going directly from the soundboard to the Tricaster to the intercom, the sound was going from the Tricaster to the intercom to the soundboard.

The crew also removed some of the unnecessary clutter that had been strewn about the room by previous crews. A steel bookcase containing an ancient VCR player, scraps of paper, and miscellaneous cords was the first thing to go. Once that space was cleared, it made it a lot easier for the crew to switch their small desk that held the Tricaster’s monitor, the soundboard, and the intercom controller with a longer, more practical table. This table now holds the Tricaster itself along with all of the previously mentioned equipment.

This new table also holds the crew’s laptop that may not be new itself, but it is new to the crew. With this laptop, the crew can now transfer media content to the Tricaster and format different videos much easier than before.

Thanks to their hard work, the morning announcements might improve immensely.

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