“Don’t be a Lone Wolf” video campaign commences

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

MCHS’s staff Climate Committee has created a new, multimedia-driven project called the “Don’t be a Lone Wolf” video campaign that allows students to submit Vines that promote a healthy school environment to the committee for a chance at winning twenty dollars.

Mr. Michael Livovich, the teacher who is at the helm of the campaign, stated many different reasons why the committee decided to start this project. For example, he said that the committee wanted to seize an opportunity to use the students’ personal technology in a positive way.

“We live in a time in which almost every student and staff member has a pocket-sized computer and recording device in his/her possession at all times. Never before have the tools for creation been so readily accessible for film-making. It seems a shame to let the opportunity pass and not incorporate some of these resources into encouraging kids to assist in improving their own sandlot,” said Livovich.

Several students have taken this opportunity to use their own technology to better their school’s environment. Aside from getting personal submissions, the committee also hopes to get several submissions from students who are participating in this project through project-based assignments in their English classes that involve the campaign.

Students who dive into this project head first could not only benefit creatively, but they could benefit monetarily thanks to funds gained from the Unity Foundation’s Teacher Innovation Grant Project. MCHS rarely offers programs that involve monetary rewards, and, as Livovich said, “since there is no limit to the number of submitted clips that could be accepted, any given student could thoughtfully crank these six-second films out and keep collecting $20 bills.”

The current theme for the project is “Hallway Behavior,” and it ends on Wednesday, March 16. The committee hopes that this theme will be the first of many to be released within the upcoming months.



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