City’s Got Talent Postponed


Sarah Smith , Feature Editor

Michigan City High School’s City’s Got Talent has been postponed for a later date. The new date has not yet been announced but hopefully will be announced soon. City’s Got Talent is an annual talent show sponsored by the MCHS Student Council. This year’s ten acts have worked tirelessly for weeks now to put on a really nice show for spectators.

Why was the 2016 City’s Got Talent show postponed? Generally the talent show is held in late April or early May so there are several months for participants to rehearse. This year however the process went rather fast. Participants went through a tryout process in early February and learned that they were in the show a little bit later. The performers have not had as long as usual to practice, so the administration has decided to postpone the show to give everyone more time.

Not many people know about all of the hard work that goes into all of the different parts of a talent show. There are all of the wonderful talented people in the show but there are also many other people involved. We have stagehands, the people behind the scenes making sure the stage is all set for the performers. Also involved are those who cue the music and all of the lights. And no show would be complete without the people who take care of the logistics, scheduling  practice times, securing the judges, printing tickets, and coordinating concession sales. As one can see there are so many moving parts to successfully pulling off this one special evening.

Updates regarding the new City’s Got Talent date will be issued when more information becomes available.





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