Kendrick Lamar’s untitled and un-mastered new album

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

Kendrick Lamar’s new untitled and un-mastered album is, ironically enough, titled “ntitled unmastered.”. Since the first song released by Kendrick titled “Unmastered”, was released in 2014 on the Colbert Report, much speculation has surrounded the idea of a new album. The release of this song was prior to the release of his third studio album “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Once that project released, people were surprised that the “Untitled” song was not added to the track list. This also gave hint to a new, secret project.

On Thursday, March 3rd, the Top Dog Entertainment front runner Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly released this album on Spotify and iTunes. Right after Kendrick tweeted a link to purchase the album, Tiffith, ceo of TDE, confirmed its authenticity on Instagram with a note saying, “Thank Lebron James for this.” Referring to LeBron’s post-Grammys tweet to Kendrick and Tiffith begging that Kendrick’s untitled songs be released, a request Tiffith told LeBron he’d think about. As he should be, LeBron James is pumped.

There are many features on this album, just like his other albums have. His usual collaborator, Anna Wise, is the woman singing on “untitled 03”. Bilal and Thundercat, members of TDE, also contributed background vocals and bass to “Untitled 3”. SZA, who appeared on Rihanna’s “Consideration” is the female vocalist you hear on “untitled 04.” Jay Rock, TDE co-president Terrence “Punch” Henderson, Robert Glasper, and Anna Wise guest feature on “untitled 05.” CeeLo Green also contributes his vocals to “untitled 06.” There is also a young boy who proudly yells, “Compton is where I’m from” on “untitled 07.”
“untitled unmastered.” was an unexpected project by Kendrick that has yet to warrant any negative reviews. It is thought to be another powerful album that uses strong lyrics and political stances to create ideas. It goes to show how much one person can influence people through music.

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