Thunder in a drought

Sean Callaghan, Sports Reporter

“Just got to find a way to get a win,” were the words of Russel Westbrook following their 121-106 loss on Thursday to the Golden State Warriors. Anyone would agree he is exactly right, that is where the Thunder are right now. Forget forget style points, statements, and messages. They just need to win a game again. The Thunder put up a good fight against the Warriors, but the Thunder also aren’t a team known for accepting pity, or ‘a good try’.

That is six losses in their past eight games, a stat that does not satisfy any team, let alone the at one one #3 seed of the league. All of these losses are coming in different, almost equally aggravating and excruciating ways, with nail-biting play throughout the game, but ultimately unfortunate endings.

In Thursday’s match-up, Thunder led the Warriors 80-71 with 4:11 left in the third quarter, bursting with energy and hope to end the Warriors’ 43-game home winning streak. Then the Warriors closed the game on a 50-26 run. Going back to the Thunder’s disheartening loss on Wednesday against the Clippers, they’ve now been outscored 74-38 in their past two fourth quarters.

“How many games we got left? Twenty?” Durant said. “Twenty games to go before the playoffs. That is when the real season starts, so we want to play good basketball at the right time and keep grinding it out. That’s what it is all about.” The clock is ticking for the Thunder in these last twenty games, twenty games to figure a way to win.

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