Chicago Bulls falling into a slump

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter

The Chicago Bulls, who at the beginning of the year looked as if they would be very competitive in the NBA, let alone the Eastern Conference.

The Bulls starting five was filled with all-stars bottom to top and seemed as if they would be a team that would be favored or have the chance to win any given night. Pau Gasol, Tony Snell,  Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, not to mention a very solid group that comes off of the bench. Youngster E’Twaun Moore has shined this year and has worked his way into the starting lineup, sharpshooter Mike Dunleavy has been a consistent starter in past games.

That is a lineup that can scare the life out of opponents when However, the Bulls have fell into a very serious drought the past month and then some.  The Bulls have only won six out of their past twenty games, three out of their last ten, and have now lost four straight.  The Bulls have not been a number one team this year but they have definitely played better basketball than they are right now.

After a decent start, the Bulls have dropped to tenth out of fifteen teams in the Eastern Conference and their record has dropped to .500 at thirty wins and thirty losses.  Many people point figures at the fact that stars Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler have battled injuries this season which have prevented them at times from performing to their highest potential.

However, after giving up 129 points to the Heat on Tuesday which included 74 of those points being scored in the paint,  the Bulls are looking to do whatever they can to turn their season around before it is too late.  Although, it already may be.

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