End of Grading Period Stress

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Next Friday, March 11, is the end of the third grading period for MCAS students and the stress level is quickly rising at the high school. Each grade level is ready to be done for the school year and move on. Almost all of them have reached the third grading period rut where the motivation level is at an all time low.

For seniors, the senoritis is getting worse. Juniors are getting anxious for senior year. Sophomores are nervous about becoming juniors and having to adapt to taking much harder classes, and freshman are just ready to move up in school.

The end of the school year is approaching faster than what many students planned it to and this is not helping their stress levels at all.

This year the sophomores have to take Istep as well as the English 10 ECA. After years of being told that it would be done after eighth grade and having a year off, bringing it back just felt wrong to many students.

Sophomore, Myra Davis said, “It honestly just sucks that after a year of not having it now they are bringing it back. We already have to take the ECA as well. It just seems like a lot at one time.”

The juniors had to turn in their AP test sign-up forms by this Friday and many agree that just the thought of the tests is freaking them out a little bit. Many seniors have said that junior year of high school can be the hardest of them all, especially for the students that take harder classes. These students are often the ones that are involved in different activities as well. So between trying to adapt to the new classes, the large amounts of homework, their after school activities, possibly a job and responsibilities at home, schedules can become crazy and hectic very easily.

Looking over at the senior class is not necessarily the best either. Not everyone has decided on a school to go to yet and this just increases the anxiousness of finally moving on to bigger and better things in life. For the kids that have picked a school, they are all trying to find and apply to as many scholarships as possible to make the next four or more years more affordable for them. All of the different variables that go into college seem to be piling up and making it harder and harder for them to just be done already.

In the past week and even going into next week, many teachers are trying to jam different quizzes and tests into the grade book and students are worrying about doing well on all of them. At this point, many students are just hoping that they can fix their grade enough to be okay and others are hoping that nothing gets put in to bring them down at all. Hopefully both of these things will happen and then maybe some of them will be able to calm down and take well needed nap.

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