Megan Lynn Mullins , Feature Writer

For years the Isla Coiba with 38 other protected islands was home to a notorious island prison. This is where the country’s most notorious and dangerous criminals were sent and where political prisoners went and disappeared.

But the Isla Coiba are more than just a notorious prison island they are a beautiful untouched island where nature is able to thrive. 80% of Cobias rain forests are untouched by any human, and in 2005 when the prison was shut down the islands were declared Unesco World Heritage site.

Scientists are drawn to Cobia Islands due to its diverse biodiversity. Home to indigenous animals and birds and endangered species such as the crested eagle and scarlet macaw. The marine species are also very diverse. It is none to be one of the world’s most thrilling dives. As you dive into the underwater mountain range you are greeted by an array of fish and sea life such as parrot fish, trumpet fish, frog fish, moray eels, jacks, groupers, barracuda and white-tip reef sharks, bottle nose dolphins and schools of pilot whales.

Back on the beach of the beautiful Cobia Islands you can see orange iguanas, capuchin monkeys and vultures. The beaches are also scattered by a handful of travelers and explorers that are visiting the islands in search for adventures and to discover and experience the vast amounts of untouched land and diverse biodiversity.

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