MCHS Newspaper Staff creates Multimedia Projects


Sarah Smith , Feature Editor

The MCHS newspaper staff has been trying to come up with new and impressive ways to share news throughout the high school. The newest and brightest idea is the production of multimedia projects. Each student was given the opportunity to explore an interest or new topic and create a project. Looking around the high school, there are many things to be proud of but for my project I decided to create a video all about the Lily Scholarship finalists at Michigan City High School. The Lily Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship that will only be awarded to two students in our county. A full Lily scholarship will cover tuition at any Indiana college or university.  So the fact that three of our MCHS students have made it to the finalist stage is highly impressive and speaks volumes about our students and their dedication to success. Our three students are Rodrigo Serrano, Sage Santana, and Kristen Gushrowski. Both Santana and Gushrowski are Cityzen staff members  are also members of several other clubs and organizations. All three students are highly involved in both the high school and the community. Serrano is a member of the men’s soccer team, Santana is on the women’s swim team, and Gushrowski is a member of the women’s gymnastics team. Each student athlete understands the determination and dedication needed to reach a goal or achieve success. Through their different sports they have all experienced defeat and the drive and willingness that comes out of that defeat to continue to work in order to achieve their dreams. Not only are these three incredibly involved in different aspects of the school they all have made a great impact on the community. These MCHS students have reached out into the community and given a helping hand in various ways. Between the three of them they have volunteered at church, the hospital, and the homeless shelters. These three are role models for all the students at MCHS and all the surrounding schools.

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