New look for a new Spiderman

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

On Thursday, March 10, Marvel released a new trailer for the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War”. This trailer featured none other than our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Much speculation has surrounded the web head since he was cast on June 23rd of last year. The actor chosen to play Peter Parker who, spoiler alert, is Spider-Man, is 19-year old English actor Tom Holland. Holland is best known for playing the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical. Holland has also been showing off his Spidey skills as he posts videos of himself doing acrobatics to Instagram. A wide majority of the public do agree that he is the right choice for the role.

In the comics, Peter Parker is a high school nerdy science kid who gets bullied constantly. Unlike the last two actors to portray Peter Parker, Tom Holland actually looks the part of a high schooler. Once a radioactive spider bites Peter in the hand, he feels ill and eventually gains extraordinary powers. The powers include the ability to jump high, climb walls, have fast reflexes, and be very agile. He does not, however, receive the ability to shoot webs from his wrist. Once Peter realizes that he has powers and wants to use them for good, he creates a mechanism that he straps to his wrist that is capable of shooting out a strong web like substance. This is how he gets around when he becomes Spider-Man.

The original Spider-Man costume is made of red and blue material with a black pattern that resembles webbing all around the red portions of the suit. Although the costume in the trailer is in fact CGI, many hope that Marvel stays true to the original Spider-Man and make his as authentic as possible, and to include a non CGI version of Spider-Man. While this new suit has some new features added to it, it still maintains the iconic Spider-Man look.

This new suit resembles the Ultimate Spider-Man look and features what is speculated to be as camera shutters for eyes, wrist mounted web shooters, and several tactical bands, mostly for looks. The camera shutter eyes are not yet confirmed but it would appear as though they can be used as a tool to soon in on an enemy. In all Spiderman animated shows you can see his facial reaction through the mask by the widening of his eyes. The new camera shutters may be symbolic towards a well known look. The web shooters, while not clearly visible, are certainly seen in the trailer. Though they are not hide beneath the suit, it adds a nice look for them to be above the suit mounted on the wrist. The bands, or stripes, on the new suit have not been determined to have any importance other than looks. They blend seamlessly with the look of the new web shooters. It also appears that the suit is equipped with a small utility belt, possibly used to hold extra webbing cartridges.

The new Spider-Mn logo, front-side only, is much smaller than we are used to. In previous movie adaptions of Spidey, the spider logo is large and has sharp outward facing legs. This new spider is small and appears to be only an inch or two at most in size. Contrary to previous spider logos, it is more rectangular with soft edges, rather than hard sharp edges.

This new Spider-Man, as it stands in the picture, is sure to please audiences and long time fans of Spider-Man. High hopes are held for Marvel to do finally Spider-Man justice.

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