Is working out addicting?

Once you start you just can’t seem to stop. Not getting enough exercise is a problem that many Americans face, but people also struggle with being involved with too much exercise. When free time is taken up by exercising, and family friends see less of a certain individual because they are constantly at the gym that is when the question of too much exercise comes into play.  

A study on lab rats concluded that too much exercise may be similar to drug abuse and, in some cases can lead to eating disorders. Just like any other addiction, there are health dangers that come along with being an avid exerciser. Some of these include, repetitive stress injuries, heart problems, and bone loss.  

One might find out if they are addicted to working out if not exercising ruins their day. It is normal for an athlete to feel off after taking a day or two off from exercising, but someone who exercises mainly for their self-worth may fall under the category of someone who is addicted. If one’s mood changes solely on the fact that they are or are not going to work out that day, then they might fall under that category. One might also be addicted if they exercising becomes the first priority on their list for their day, beating family, friends, or even their work. The most dangerous aspect physically to having a workout addiction is an individual overworking themselves. People that are addicted to exercising will work out when they are sick, and will even continue after that have severe injuries that could permanently damage their bodies.  

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