Foreign exchange student coming from Japan

Mohammad Hakim, News Reporter

On March 12th Michigan City High School will be welcoming fourteen foreign exchange students from Zama Sogo High School in Japan. This i through the annual exchange that takes place between Michigan City and Chesterton High Schools. The students will be staying with Tsugawa Sensei’s Japanese students for the initial ten days of their visit as they begin to learn the cultural and customs of the American people and school systems. Michigan City High School has a long history of welcoming students from around the world in attempt to create a cultural immersion between students with different backgrounds. Currently at the school are numerous students from South America and East Asia with exchange students from Germany soon to be on their way. While here the Japanese exchange students have expressed a desire to explore the surrounding areas such as Chicago, which is a popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting the state, along with what the local community has to offer. Although Japan is an Island country, the students are surprised that we have such a large lake on the shores of Michigan City and look forward to visiting the iconic lighthouse at Washington Park Beach along with many other well known structures and attraction that our city has to offer. After their short ten day visit at the two High Schools, the exchange student will travel to the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. to get a sense of our attention grabbing political system before beginning their departure back to their home country of Japan. The cultural experience will most certainly be a memorable one as they start to become more globally aware citizen during their travel.

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