NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski drops American flag

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter


NASCAR stock car driver Brad Keselowski came under intense criticism this past week after he dropped the American flag during his victory burnouts after winning the Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last Sunday.

It is tradition in the sport of stock car racing, specifically in NASCAR for the victorious driver to do a victory lap or burnouts after the race is complete. Brad Keselowski, who quickly rose to fame in the short amount of time he has been in the sport compared to many other racers, was excited about just winning another race in his young and successful career when he suddenly dropped the nation’s colors while doing his burnout. However, Keselowski immediately stopped his car and hopped out to go grab the flag.

The 33 year old driver clearly did not try to drop the American flag but many race fans were not happy about seeing the flag hit the track. Many even took their anger to social media bashing Keselowski for dropping the country’s flag.

Keselowski was not pleased to see the flag on the ground either but did not mean to upset anyone. “I wasn’t thinking about much other than just picking it up. I wasn’t thinking that it made a lot of people mad. In my mind I didn’t want to see it on the ground either, so I got there as quick as I could and picked it up” said Keselowski in a press release with FoxSports.

Keselowski and the rest of the Sprint Cup drivers head to Phoenix, Arizona this week for the Good Sam 500.

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