Pi Day, Pie Day

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Every year March 14 is Pi Day. With Pi being “3.14” it always seems to work out perfectly. Last year, the date was “3.1415”, an even longer version of the never ending number. So while this year the date did not cover as much of the number as in previous years, it was still celebrated with, of course, pie.

Many classes throughout MCHS brought in different kinds of pie to share. Ranging from apple to coconut creme, the options seemed to be endless and students and teachers alike were pleased.

The week proved to be very similar to last years cookie month, just not as long. Last year, every day for a month different kinds of cookies were brought in and enjoyed by the students and teachers of the newsroom.

The idea to bring in pies to share originally spurred from the newspaper room and spread into yearbook as well. For newspaper students though, the amount of pie being brought was thought to be a little overwhelming and it was soon turned into pie week. Each day two students in the class were assigned to bring a pie and a war of sorts was started between the two classes.

The week ended with three kinds of pie in the newsroom, including a pizza “pie”. The war seemed to be over and the kids from yearbook were sadly defeated that day.


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