Alcohol Consumption

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

Alcohol is part of our culture, it helps us celebrate and socialize, and it enhances our religious ceremonies. But drinking too much, on a single occasion or over time, can have serious consequences for our health. Alcohol abuse can damage organs, weaken the immune system, and contribute to cancers. Genes, environment, and even diet can play a role in whether you develop an alcohol-related disease.

Heavy alcohol consumption, even on a single occasion, can throw the delicate balance of neurotransmitters off course. Alcohol can cause your neurotransmitters to relay information too slowly, so you feel extremely drowsy. Alcohol-related disruptions to the neurotransmitter balance also can effect mood and behavioral changes, including depression, agitation, memory loss, and even seizures.

Long-term, heavy drinking causes alterations in the neurons, such as reductions in the size of brain cells. As a result of these, brain mass shrinks and the brain’s inner cavity grows bigger. These changes may affect abilities such as: motor coordination, temperature regulation, sleep, and mood.

Researchers believe that alcohol interferes with glutamate action, and this could be a reason why people forget what happened or black out.

Your cardiovascular system consists of your heart, blood vessels, and blood. This system works every second of your life delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Long term heavy drinking weakens the heart muscle. A weakened heart stretches and can not contract effectively. It cannot pump enough blood to nourish the organs. In some cases, this blood flow shortage causes damage to organs and tissues. In some cases it can even lead to heart failure.

Your liver works hard to keep your body productive and healthy. Heavy drinking can cause fat to build up in the liver. The excessive fat makes it more difficult for the liver to operate and leaves it open to developing dangerous inflammations.

Consuming alcohol really does effect your every day life as well as your body. Drinking harms you physically and mentally and leaves you feeling unlike your normal self.



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