Man hijacks plane in Egypt

Sage Santana, News Reporter

A man reportedly hijacked a plane in Egypt, forcing it to land in Cyprus, rather than its destination, Cairo.

Although there was widespread panic, all the passengers that were held hostage were released, and  the man who took over the plane was arrested. However, when the plane landed, the man let most of the passengers go, keeping on board only a few passengers, and a few of the crew members.

Although the man was not armed with any sort of bombs or firearms, he did have an array of empty telephone cases. Despite the fact that the man acted in a violent and aggressive manner, he was declared to be mentally unstable, and his actions were considered not to be an act of terrorism.

The events began a short time after takeoff, when a passenger approached the pilot and stated that there was a bomb threat. The pilot then began negotiations with the man, and originally wanted to land in Turkey or Cyprus, and it was decided that the plane would land in Larnaca. Although the man did not have firearms, those on board were not sure whether or not the bomb threat was real, and so the crew and passengers treated the threat as real.  It was not discovered until they landed and the man was arrested that he had no weapons, and that his suicide belt was fake.

Although this event was traumatizing for all those involved, thankfully there was no real threat, and everyone involved made it out safely.

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